ARDA Development Communication Inc. ARDA-DCI (formerly known as African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) promotes sustainable development in Nigeria and across Africa with culturally competent, audience-centric communication methodologies that fearlessly address root causes, tackle the most relevant and pressing issues, and make lasting positive impacts on beneficiaries. The organization identifies and exploits the most accessible and effective communication channels and creative approaches to reach those in greatest need and to improve the quality of life of all Nigerians.

For over twenty seven years, ARDA-DCI has been at the forefront of developing, producing and broadcasting media campaigns for social and behaviour change. ARDA-DCI is now focused on using the most innovative and cutting edge smart communication strategies to effect social and behavioural change in the key areas that influence sustainable development.

At ARDA-DCI, we use storytelling, entertainment-education approaches and research to design efficacious materials for dissemination on traditional and new media platforms. We produce radio and video programs, viral video skits, podcasts, print materials, mobile applications, and live stage performances that effectively communicate sustainable development messages to audiences and key beneficiaries in a way that is relevant, acceptable and accessible.

Corporate Registration

We are a dully registered organization. 

years of designing and producing development media contents and products

states in Nigeria we’ve worked in PLUS the Federal Capital Territory

languages in which we've implemented programs

projects implemented on various social development issues across Nigeria

radio stations across Nigeria have aired our programs

short films and videos produced as distance learning tools for development issues

million people across Nigeria have been reached and positively impacted by our programs

female employee ratio ensuring gender is mainstreamed into all programs

Our Approach:

We apply the ‘Human–Centered Design’ approach working with beneficiaries to develop solutions to various development issues. This ensures that the solutions we implement are designed and developed with the intended beneficiaries at the core. Some of the entertaining formats we’ve adopted include radio programs, Short films, TV dramas, Stage plays, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Animations among others. These are the various processes that make up our methodology:


We carry out research to ascertain the root cause of the problem. Information obtained from target communities during research includes key insights on what shapes their community, their stories, values, culture and tradition, influences, religion and other factors that contribute to the makeup of the community as it relates to the issue at hand. We also gather their thoughts on the issue, their acceptance towards existing solutions to the problem and their ideas on how to fix the problem.

Strategic Design

Using data obtained during the diagnosis phase of the intervention, we strategically design an innovative solution to the problem with beneficiaries. We hold interactive workshops with key stakeholders and community representatives to facilitate the design of relatable, relevant, culturally appropriate and competent solutions to the problem.

Prototype Production

Following the strategic design phase, we develop a prototype of the solution with a view to testing the effectiveness of the concept.


The prototype is then tested in the target community for their feedback. We value every contribution made by community members and also watch out for what they might not be saying aloud. We get their thoughts on the look, feel, sound, tone, structure, relatability and usability of the solution and also gather their opinions on how to further improve on the solution.

Final Production

Armed with feedback obtained during the pretest phase, we then proceed to produce the actual solution with input from the target community.


We carry out research on the preferred media outlets of our target audience along with their preferred listening/viewing times. Our products are also placed on strategic time belts with the aim to capture a large number of listeners/viewers. We select accessible mobile platforms for dissemination of our solutions online so that they are accessible to all beneficiaries.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We carry out qualitative and quantitative research to assess the effectiveness of our interventions. We also build in real-time routine monitoring and use the feedback received to modify the product/campaign. At ARDA, M&E is a vital part of our focus on research and learning and it informs our programming.

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We’ve Provided Consultancy Services to over 35 sister NGOs and International Agencies

Having identified both radio and drama to be most accessible and effective media tools for popular and pervasive communication, ARDA undertakes to develop them to very high standards for the ultimate benefit of the society. In addition to our flagship productions and broadcasting, ARDA provides technical assistance and consultancy services to sister NGOs and international development agencies. Over the years ARDA has collaborated with UNICEF, WWF, PPFN, VOA and Developing Countries Farm Radio Network, Canada. Presently ARDA is collaborating with JHU-CCP, NUHRI and CCPN.