CFLI in Partnership with ARDA Empower Women in Agatu LGA, Benue State through Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives.

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half its citizens.”- Michelle Obama

Empowering women is the bedrock of attaining a sustainable future and it is key to the development of any community.

Now more than ever, key stakeholders and decisions makers must channel resources to improve womens access to economic empowerment, and sustainable livelihood in other to create an equitable society.

Canada Funds for Local Initiatives in partnership with ARDA continues to economically empower the women in Agatu LGA, Benue State through their sustainable livelihood initiatives.

These initiatives have increased women’s access to economic empowerment, and has built their capacity to contribute to effectively to peacebuilding processes community development.